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For over 6+ years, Durapid Technologies has been creating impactful apps for all Apple devices, helping the world’s leading brands go mobile. Leverage our rich expertise in iOS app development to build a beautiful, engaging, and consistent app for your industry, regardless of complexity.

Build an App for Any Device

Whether you are looking for iPhone app development services, or willing to build an application that would work equally well across all Apple devices, our talented iOS app developers will help you every step of the way, from solution design to delivery and ongoing maintenance.

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Industry-Specific iOS Development

Durapid Technologies helps businesses across all major industries and niches. We will help you choose the right technology stack, create a fitting UX, and integrate the app into your existing infrastructure. Our mobile platform will also make the iOS app development process quicker and more cost-efficient.

Construction Healthcare Insurance Retail & eCommerce Travel & Hospitality Sports & Teams FinTech IoT Apps

Enjoy bringing your idea to life with our talented team at every step.

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Our Development Process

From as early as brainstorming the idea to post-release support, our process ticks every box for your project — whether its iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device. Over ten years in mobile allowed us to craft a flexible workflow that ensures the highest efficiency for our iOS app development services.


  • Analyse your requirements
  • Build the right team
  • Prepare technical documents
  • Create a basic design


  • Use relevant methodology
  • Demonstrate quality of the code
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing
  • Deploy application


  • Monitor servers continuously
  • Allocate team for bugs fixing
  • Provide general support

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Why you should consider investing in iOS app development services?

According to Statista, mobile apps will reach $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020, a twofold increase compared to 2016. As Apple devices are consistently popular with consumers, much of that revenue will come from those devices and the iOS platform. The bar for app quality has also risen over the years. Therefore, iOS app development that would ensure a continuously engaging product is a solid investment.

Why your product should rely on iOS app developers that continuously improve their skills?

With iOS 12, Apple has finally shown that it is willing to deliver their latest updates to as much devices as possible, including models that are more than two years old. This has led to 78 percent of Apple users installing iOS 12 only three months after release, according to Apple. Turning to iOS app developers who keep track of changes in the platform and always improve their skills guarantees your product will work consistently across every Apple device. Durapid’s experts will also make sure your application leverages the benefits of the latest versions of iOS properly, including Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.

What are the benefits of iOS application development services for Enterprises?

Effective enterprise iOS application development would include a tailored approach to your business model, industry, clients, as well as proper integration into your existing systems and cloud infrastructure. Backed by deep analysis and cooperation with your stakeholders through workshops and in the development process, such approach will let you create an app with features and technologies that fit your business case. Durapid’s iOS app development services offer all these benefits and more, including a unique approach to development that will help you create an app faster than before, elevated team extension, and expertise in all top technologies.

How can custom iOS app development services guarantee that users will not delete your app?

According to Manifest, 32 percent of users delete apps because they don’t use them, while 26 say apps don’t fulfill their needs. Custom iOS app development solves these and other issues users face when using apps on Apple devices, as it includes a tailored approach to any project, where everything is made from the ground up. For example, Durapid’s custom iOS app development services rely on deep analysis and workshops, allowing us to build a product your users will continuously enjoy, because it has the features they need, in an eye-pleasing and comfortable UX.

Why an established and clear iOS app development process is crucial to creating a reliable product?

When a development team has a clear, step-by-step approach to projects that starts from ideation stage and extends as far as post-release support, you can expect a high quality product that is reliable and consistent. In a clear development process, business analysts and developers carefully consider your requirements, offer improvements, show results of their work over time, and more. Durapid has a time-tested iOS app development process that includes all of these points, while also using workshops to get comprehensive understanding of what you need.